Sault Ste. Marie Construction Association
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CCA 1-2008 Stipulated Price Sub-Contract

CCA 16-1992 Guidelines to Determine Costs Associated with Performing Changes in the Work

CCA 19-2011 Stipulated Price Sub-Sub Contract

CCA 25-2001 Guide to Project Management Services

CCA 26-2000 Guide to Construction Management Contracts

CCA 27-1997 Guide on Construction Environmental Management Planning

CCA 28-1996 Guide to Improving Cash Flow in the Construction Industry

CCA 50-2003 Prime Contractor’s Guide to Project Financing & Payment Security

CCA 51-2008 Guide to Calling Bids & Awarding Sub-Contracts

CCA 52-2008 Joint Venture Guides

CCA 61-2008 Risks of Pre-Purchasing Equipment & Materials for Construction Projects

CCA 81-2001 Best Practices Guide to Solid Waste Reduction

CCA 82-2004 Mould Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry

CCA 83-2004 Environmental Best Practices Guide for Hot Mix Asphalt

CCA 90-2007 Guidelines – Electronic Procurement

Guide-2011 Trade Contractors Guide / Checklist – Construction Contracts

Guide-1993 Recommended Guidelines – Provision of Geotechnical Information in Construction Contracts

Complete Set: All CCA Documents & Guide 2011 & Guide 1993

CCDC 2-2008 Stipulated Price Contract

CCDC 3-1998 Cost Plus Contract

CCDC 4-2011 Unit Price Contract

CCDC 5A-2010 Construction Management Contract for Services

CCDC 5B-2010 Construction Management Contract for Services and Construction

CCDC 9A-2001 Statutory Declaration (Contractor) Click here to download

CCDC 9B-2001 Statutory Declaration (Sub-trade) Click here to download

CCDC 11-1996 Contractors Qualifications Statement

CCDC 12-1994 Project Financial Information

Doc 14-2000 Design-Build Stipulated Price Contract

Doc 15-2000 Design-Build / Consultant Contract

CCDC 17-2010 Stipulated Price Contract Between Owner & Trade Contractors on CM Projects

CCDC 18-2001 Civil Works Contract

CCDC 20-2008 Guide to the Use of CCDC-2-2008

CCA 21-2000 Guide to Construction Insurance

CCDC 22-2002 Guide to Construction Surety Bonds

CCDC 23-2005 Guide to Calling Bids & Awarding Contracts

CCDC 24-1996 Guide to Model Forms & Support Documents

CCDC 40-2005 Rules for Mediation & Arbitration

CCDC 43-1998 Guide to the Use of CCDC-3-1998

CCDC 45-2011 Guide to the Use of CCDC 5A-2010

CCDC 46-2011 Guide to the Use of CCDC 5B-2010

CCDC 47-2011 Guide to the Use of CCDC 17-2010

CCDC 48-2002 Guide to the Use of CCDC 18-2001

CCDC 220-2002 Bid Bond

CCDC 221-2002 Performance Bond

CCDC 222-2002 Labour & Material Payment Bond

Complete Set: All CCDC Documents + Doc 14 & Doc 15

Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction- Click here to download form