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Ontario College of Trades - Dean Review Update
Posted: Oct 15, 2015

Tony Dean has been providing monthly updates on his work on the review of the Ontario College of Trades on the review's website. These updates can be accessed at http://deanreview.com/tor/update-latest.html#aug2015 His August update emphasized the importance of the public interest and he stated that "the public interest should prevail over private interests." Dean's July update was more telling of the direction he may take in his final report. In it he said such things as

  • He may recommend allowing voluntary trades to select elements of their SoPs for the purpose of seeking compulsory status and vice versa
  • The process for reviewing the classification of trades as voluntary or compulsory must be broadly perceived as inclusive, transparent, evidence-informed and even-handed.
  • The origins and purpose of journey person to apprentice ratios should be revisited to ensure that the recommendations made by the panels tasked with reviewing those ratios best reflect those purposes and desired outcomes.
  • The College's enforcement regime can be refined to accommodate conflicts with prior OLRB decisions or with previous agreements made between workplace parties, on who-does-what on work sites
  • Where College enforcement activities intersect with the OLRB's responsibility to settle disputes on work jurisdiction, there may be a role for the OLRB.

Dean's final report is scheduled to be submitted to the Minister of Training Colleges and Universities and to the Ontario College of Trades before the end of 2015.

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