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Soo Mill Buildall

Soo Mill Buildall
Sault Ste. Marie
Postal Code:
P6B 5A1
(705) 759-0533
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Years In Business:
1921 years (since 100)


            In January 1915 Fremlin Edward Hollingsworth began his new venture as partner and bookkeeper of the Corrigan Lumber Company.  He first assessed the books, discovering debts of which he had been unaware.  His only option was to seek a loan.  The connections he had made while working for Lock City Manufacturing, as well as the story of his meteoric rise from bookkeeper to partner in only seven years, helped Fremlin obtain the loans he required to keep the business afloat.

            Unfortunately, the whole of Sault Ste. Marie was floundering.  As the rest of Canada turned to the war effort, the steel plant was left with few orders and no money to retool.  As the city sank deeper and deeper into an economic slump, a few individuals and groups organized the $1 million that the steel plant needed to retool and start producing shells for the war.

            By1917, Sault Ste. Marie was booming again and nowhere was this felt greater than the lumber industry.

            In early 1920, one of Corrigan Lumber's competitors, Soo Lumber Company, began looking to sell out.  Fremlin purchased stock-in-trade of the company, also acquiring the name 'Soo Lumber.'  The wartime boom faded by the end of 1920.  Unemployment rose as businesses went bankrupt.  Still, Corrigan Lumber continued to grow until, in 1921, differences in business philosophies began a rift between Hollingsworth and Corrigan.  Finally, declining health lead Corrigan to sell his half-interest and move to Toronto.

            In July of 1922, the company was incorporated under the ownership and management of Fremlin E. Hollingsworth.  It was at this time that the name was changed to “Soo Lumber and Mill Company,” which changed to “Soo Mill and Lumber Company” in the late 1930s.  Fremlin then began rebuilding the original site; demolishing the two existing metal structures facing North Street and replacing them with a brick building


In 1915, Fremlin Hollingsworth began shaping a company after his own principles of fair business and community involvement.  One hundred years later, that legacy continues with his grandchildren and the employees who have kept Soo Mill at the forefront of the renovation and construction industries in Algoma.  Soo Mill looks forward to serving the communities of Algoma for another hundred years.