JHSC Certification Part 1 and 2

JHSC Certification Part 1


The Occupational Health and Safety Act requires most workplaces to have either a Joint Health and Safety Committee (JHSC) or a health and safety representative. Where a JHSC is required, at least two JHSC members—one management and one worker—must be certified by the Ministry of Labour (MOL).


All approved certification programs must have a generic Part One and a sector-specific Part Two. A Refresher training course is also required and must be taken by Certified Members every three years.

Joint Health and Safety Committee Certification—Part One is an in-class instructor-led program. The learning outcomes provide a framework that will allow participants to become familiar with a wide range of workplace hazards. In addition, participants will learn how to recognize, assess, control, and evaluate any potential hazards that they may encounter at the workplace.

This program is available at your facility, IHSA reserves the right to apply discretion to deliver the program at your facility with participant numbers less than 50% of the course maximum as outlined below.


Program Content

Introduction to occupational health and safety legislation
Introduction to occupational health and safety resources
Rights, duties, and roles of workplace parties including JHSC members
Powers of the Certified Member
Introduction to the recognize, assess, control, and evaluate (RACE) system of hazard management

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