CCDC Documents and Forms


CCA 1-2008 Stipulated Price Sub-Contract

CCA 16-1992 Guidelines to Determine Costs Associated with Performing Changes in the Work

CCA 19-2011 Stipulated Price Sub-Sub Contract

CCA 25-2001 Guide to Project Management Services

CCA 26-2000 Guide to Construction Management Contracts

CCA 27-1997 Guide on Construction Environmental Management Planning

CCA 28-1996 Guide to Improving Cash Flow in the Construction Industry

CCA 50-2003 Prime Contractor’s Guide to Project Financing & Payment Security

CCA 51-2008 Guide to Calling Bids & Awarding Sub-Contracts

CCA 52-2008 Joint Venture Guides

CCA 61-2008 Risks of Pre-Purchasing Equipment & Materials for Construction Projects

CCA 81-2001 Best Practices Guide to Solid Waste Reduction

CCA 82-2004 Mould Guidelines for the Canadian Construction Industry

CCA 83-2004 Environmental Best Practices Guide for Hot Mix Asphalt

CCA 90-2007 Guidelines – Electronic Procurement

Guide-2011 Trade Contractors Guide / Checklist – Construction Contracts

Guide-1993 Recommended Guidelines – Provision of Geotechnical Information in Construction Contracts

Complete Set: All CCA Documents & Guide 2011 & Guide 1993

CCDC 2-2008 Stipulated Price Contract

CCDC 3-1998 Cost Plus Contract

CCDC 4-2011 Unit Price Contract

CCDC 5A-2010 Construction Management Contract for Services

CCDC 5B-2010 Construction Management Contract for Services and Construction

CCDC 9A-2001 Statutory Declaration (Contractor) Click here to download

CCDC 9B-2001 Statutory Declaration (Sub-trade) Click here to download

CCDC 11-1996 Contractors Qualifications Statement

CCDC 12-1994 Project Financial Information

Doc 14-2000 Design-Build Stipulated Price Contract

Doc 15-2000 Design-Build / Consultant Contract

CCDC 17-2010 Stipulated Price Contract Between Owner & Trade Contractors on CM Projects

CCDC 18-2001 Civil Works Contract

CCDC 20-2008 Guide to the Use of CCDC-2-2008

CCA 21-2000 Guide to Construction Insurance

CCDC 22-2002 Guide to Construction Surety Bonds

CCDC 23-2005 Guide to Calling Bids & Awarding Contracts

CCDC 24-1996 Guide to Model Forms & Support Documents

CCDC 40-2005 Rules for Mediation & Arbitration

CCDC 43-1998 Guide to the Use of CCDC-3-1998

CCDC 45-2011 Guide to the Use of CCDC 5A-2010

CCDC 46-2011 Guide to the Use of CCDC 5B-2010

CCDC 47-2011 Guide to the Use of CCDC 17-2010

CCDC 48-2002 Guide to the Use of CCDC 18-2001

CCDC 220-2002 Bid Bond

CCDC 221-2002 Performance Bond

CCDC 222-2002 Labour & Material Payment Bond

Complete Set: All CCDC Documents + Doc 14 & Doc 15

Registration of Constructors and Employers Engaged in Construction- Click here to download form


The Sault Ste. Marie Construction Association brings general contractors, trade contractors, manufacturers and suppliers of construction materials and equipment, as well as other firms associated with the Construction Industry together in a single organization.