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In Ontario workplace first aid requirements are outlined by the WSIB in Regulation 1101. This regulation summarizes the type of certificate, as well as the first aid supplies required by an employer based on the number of employees per shift.

Regulation 1101 stipulates that if a workplace has less than five employees per shift a Emergency First Aid certificate is adequate. Workplaces with more than five employees per shift are required to be trained in Standard first Aid. Standard First Aid programs provide at least 13 hours of instruction time, normally delivered in a 2 day format.

It is highly recommended that additional staff be trained to cover each shift in case of absences or if your designated first responder is the one who is injured/ill.

Certification meets the Canada Labour code and WSIB Standards for workplaces in the province of Ontario with more than 5 Employees. Certification is valid for three years from the date of issue.

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