Module 1 Negotiating to Win On Site - 3.5 Hours

This 3.5-hour module explores Harvard's Program on Negotiation (PON) and walks the learner through distributive and integrative bargaining strategies required to arrive at the best possible outcome for settling disputes on-site.    Leveraging the best information, you have while putting the interests of the project front and centre, we will work through practical solutions including a prisoners dilemma group exercise. 

Module 2 Communication Strategies in a New Era of Social Distancing - 3.5 Hours 

Recognizing the appropriate medium for delivery of message will be more critical than ever to build trust among project partners.   Email is not always the right solution, yet a handshake is no longer socially acceptable.   This dilemma needs new thought, and practical solutions that we will explore to arm PM's and Site Superintendents with the key skills they need to get their message across, while also respecting the receiving of messages from others in the spirit of collaboration to get the job done. 

Module 3 Productivity in Construction - Moving the Needle 1 Percent in Your Workflow - 3.5 Hours

Using statistical data from McKinsey& Company, we explore how we can adjust our work flow to account for just a 1% productivity increase on-site.  That 1% translates on a $10 million small project to an additional $25,000.00 in net profit.   But how do you do it with so many moving parts in a supply chain?   The National Research Council study Productivity in Construction reveals a pathway to success. 

Module 4 Leadership - Leadership is Not a Rank - It is a Decision! - 3.5 Hours

We will learn the way our bodies behave when faced with stress, and explore the personal growth needed to begin your path to strengthening your leadership skills.  Critical to your own career journey, deciding to be, or in the alternative, knowing when not to be the leader and allow others to take over takes critical thinking and understanding of our very own biological make-up, and more.

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