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Our Strategic Planning Process

Dear Association Member,

Your Board of Directors has met in several professionally facilitated meetings to review strategic directions for the future of the Association.The motivation for this effort arose from the understanding that change is in the wind in almost every way in our Industry, and in order to continue to maximize our value to you the Member, the Board needed to assess the job your Association is doing now, anticipate the future in terms of what kinds of support your business will need in order to continue to thrive, and set activities in motion that will achieve that basic goal - the profitability of your companies.

To that end, a Mission Statement and Strategic Plan have been developed and approved that will allow staff to move forward in specific directions with specific measurable goals set, thereby maintaining a viable, dynamic and useful Association whose role is to help your Business be more profitable in our ever changing Industry.

The specifics of this Strategic Plan are set out below and a key feature of this plan is that it must be regularly re-visited by the Board and measured to ensure that it continues to be effective and appropriate, one of the reasons we would like you to have a look at it because we want your views as well.

Please take moment to review your Board's effort and let us know what you think!


Our Mission Statement:
"To advocate for the Regional Construction Industry, and to develop, coordinate and communicate policies, programs and information which will enhance Members' productivity and profitability."


  1. COMMUNICATION - The Association will implement an Electronic Plansroom service as well as a re-designed web site that will facilitate direct hands-on communication by staff. The site will be monitored monthly to ensure currency and accuracy.
  2. LEADERSHIP - the President and Association Staff will work together solidify the image of the Association as the Community Leader and point of contact for all Construction Industry matters including media relationships, owner-client contact, and partnership efforts with Algoma Workforce Development Committee and Sault College and various Provincial Groups.
  3. SAFETY - The Association will implement a strong and effective Health and Safety commitment and is mandated will to provide and support Health & Safety Training as well as individual member assistance with the development of strong programs policies and procedures.
  4. TRAINING & DEVELOPMENT - The Association will work with Community partners to facilitate the enhancement of the quality and availability of the local Construction Industry workforce, as well as introducing professional development opportunities for Members.
  5. INFRASTRUCTURE - Emphasis will be place on developing a strong and participatory Board of Directors, increasing Membership, establishing financial reserves and developing future staffing strategies.