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PROJECT DRAGONFLYIn the spring of 2015, the heart filled story of a local girl who was terminally ill highlighted the limitations of the ARCH facility.  This child wished to spend her final days at home because the facility did not have the resources for her family to be by her side.  Her passing at home made the grieving process much more difficult.  This is likely true for any other family who might have a similar experience.  Due to this and other reasons, ARCH is in the planning stages of a major addition to expand their services, especially their pediatric palliative care program.

A couple months ago, the Board of Directors passed a motion to undertake a fundraising campaign to support ARCH’s Capital Expansion.  The intention of this campaign is to help enhance ARCH’s ability to provide pediatric palliative care.

This initiative is the driving force behind the launch of “Project Dragonfly” – a fundraising campaign embarked by the SSMCA to raise money for the facility’s addition, in particular, the areas needed to enhance the pediatric palliative care.

We are stronger in numbers!  Please do not hesitate to contact the Association or anyone from the Board of Directors to see how you may help with “Project Dragonfly”.


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